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Monday 25 January 2016

How to Check the Environment Variables for an Oracle Process In Linux

There are cases when a database was started from an environment that did not have all the variables set correctly and this can cause troubles afterwards. Typical examples are :

 - starting a database from an environment where ORACLE_HOME has a path with a final forward slash ( "/u01/oracle/" rather than "/u01/oracle/")

- starting the database from an environment that points with the TNS_ADMIN parameter to the wrong sqlnet configuration files

- starting the database with the incorrect value for LD_LIBRARY_PATH  (LIBPATH for AIX or SHLIB_PATH for HP)

- starting the database from an environment that does not have the ORACLE_UQNAME variable set, although this is used to derive the path to a TDE( or SSL ) wallet.

1. Determine the pid of the process at OS level, eg for the smon process:
ps -ef | grep smon

2. Get the environment of the process:

cat /proc/pid from above/environ